Blackjack Insurance
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Get to Know More about Blackjack Insurance When Playing

Get to Know Blackjack Insurance While Playing – Insurance allows individuals to spread risk. However, sometimes it isn’t necessary and you end up paying cash for something you never used. On the other hand, with high-paying items like a house or car, having insurance provides security for your assets and peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

What Is Blackjack Insurance?

There is a side bet offered to gamblers and the blackjack insurance rules will state that if the dealer is dealt an ace and the card is worth 10 then the player is covered if the dealer gets an unbeatable blackjack. This means they cannot lose. Why an ace? With its ability to double down to 11 or 1, it offers the most flexibility and you’ll avoid the bust and chances to hit 21.

The combination of an ace card and a card worth 10 (10, jack, queen, king) is the fastest route to victory in this one game. During a live dealer game of online blackjack you will probably see this combination happen, but the chances of it happening consistently are extremely slim, one of the good reasons why many people avoid the blackjack insurance bet.

But, like anything else, there are often obstacles. Usually, with insurance bets, the gambler can only risk half of the original bet. Also, the odds are 2/1 when taking blackjack insurance, which means the player is hitting the best spot.

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How to Get to Know Blackjack Insurance When Playing?

When Should You Take Out Blackjack Insurance?

This bet cannot be placed if you so desire and it can be applied if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. Also, insurance can only be claimed if they reach 21 with an Ace and a value 10. For example, if the dealer hits blackjack with ace-4-7, the insurance bet fails.

But, if it’s an ace-king card, then you are entitled to claim insurance if you take it. If you want to use this betting option then the best time to do it is when the dealer’s hole card is an ace and the combination of an ace and a 10-value card has not materialized for a long time.

Should You Avoid Blackjack Insurance?

In general, yes. Often seen as a bad strategy, blackjack insurance offers unfavorable odds, doesn’t increase the house edge and puts more pressure on your bankroll. Remember that a 16 out of 52 cards is worth 10, putting your odds of winning the insurance bet at +233, with the odds that the house will take this money without much effort. While you may win a few times, in the long run, the statistics are not in your favor.

With these bets, gamblers often lose more than they win. Using the percentages above, if you play 52 rounds, statistically, you will win 16 rounds and lose 33 rounds. So if you bet 150k worth of money each round on insurance bets (meaning your total bet must be at least 300k) and you would also win 2.4m worth of money but lose 5m. This will not even consider your original bet.

Experts usually avoid using this bet because the reward-to-risk ratio is too slim and can damage your high bankroll. For beginners playing online games in casinos, learning the basics before moving on to complex strategies is the best way to increase your chances of winning. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a bad bet and suffering a big loss.